The Lab aims to improve current technologists’ and policymakers’ understanding of tech policy issues, and to prepare the next generation of technologists conversant in policy and policymakers conversant in technology. We build tech policy capacity and fluency through a variety of initiatives such as our Distinguished Lecture series, Robotics and Law Primer Videos, and tech policy education modules, among others.


Distinguished Lectures

Our Distinguished Lecture Series brings to Seattle individuals the public might not otherwise hear from and shares their work with the community.

Robotics and Law Primer Videos

Designed to cover the basic topics for a robotics policy class, the Primer Videos cover tech topics such as: bots, algorithms, machine learning, and robots; as well as administrative law and product liability.


Education Modules

The Lab’s forthcoming curriculum modules are designed to enhance tech policy capacity and fluency in early STEM undergraduate education. The modules prompt students to consider the socio-technical aspects of a setting and to engage in a design activity that involves both technical and policy design.